Kitchen with an island:

Kitchen with an island

Visual and movement freedom

A kitchen island requires a lot of space and, if a sink and a hob are fitted as well as the worktop, it requires very detailed planning of the electric and plumbing systems

The perspective view clearly reveals the most significant features of this new arrangement with a kitchen island. It is complete from a functional viewpoint: as well as the hob, the worktop and the sink, it has a breakfast bar and a back section with various accessories.

Clean lines, pure volumes, light materials and an advanced ergonomic study distinguish this project. The kitchen island hood with its steel casing has a horizontal glass panel and a front one that together contain and convey the cooking fumes and protect the breakfast bar when cooking. 

Electric System

If the kitchen has an island and a floor-standing equipped back section, the electric cables can come out along the back section in the 13cm wide empty space below the accessories (in fig. A, the green coloured area).
The centerline of the space that can be used for the electric cables must be calculated by adding 10cm to the depth of the worktop.  

Architectural Project

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, a kitchen with an island is particularly practical to use because of the logical arrangement of all its elements. The island has a 20cm deep back section in stainless steel that stands on the floor and is located alongside the sink base unit nd behind the island. The back section allows more freedom to position the electric and plumbing floor outlets because these can run inside it. The fact that the back section is higher than the worktop turns it into a protection from splashing water and makes it possible to fix the special tap designed by Valcucine to its vertical side. For the Valcucine island hood, the fumes outlet must have a diameter of 15cm.
The precise position of the fumes outlet for this hood is determined by adding 10cm to the depth of the top (centerline of the equipped back section) where it intersects the hob centerline.
Due to the fact that it is an island arrangement, the sizes of the various elements and the necessary distances between them must be carefully planned to better exploit all its potential. The island requires a surrounding space of about 120cm which is the optimal distance required to simultaneoulsy open the doors of the base units and of any tower units installed along the wall (at least 100cm are needed). 

Plumbing System

The plumbing connections must be made in the 13cm wide empty space at the bot- tom of the back section (see fig. A). The centerline of the space that can be used for the water pipes must be calculated by adding 10cm (back section centerline) to the depth of the worktop. From here, the pipes can run through the back section until they reach destination If the room and the type of hood allow for it, it is preferable to install the hood motor outside the kitchen to eliminate any annoying extraction noise. All the Valcucine hoods give you this opportunity (see page 116). The new, single-lever mixer tap designed by Valcucine with a swivel, fold-down neck and rotating, glass spout can be fixed to the back section that is 20cm higher than the worktop.