Valcucine opens a unique kitchen showroom in Guangzhou, China

Valcucine expands its outreach and is enthusiast to announce the opening of a new unique showroom in Guangzhou, China.

The new Valcucine in China have been designed in a full creative and sophisticated language that distinguishes itself from all the other stores now present into the Chinese territory. The space well communicates Valcucine's main products pure volumes, accurate choices of accoutrements and veritably bright and natural atmospheres.

Logica Celata bar in Arte Tiles finish

The new Valcucine kitchen showroom finds itself in the Louvre Furniture Guangzhou Mall, where on the top level are concentrated all main international brands. The context in which the showroom is placed is the destination of strong buying power a very well known location for locals.

“Valcucine has unique products and materials, this is the reason why we wanted the Valcucine's showroom to be unique.” affirms Phil Ye, General Manger of the showroom.

Creativity and aesthetics go hand in hand. Under the guise of , research and technology are put at the disposal of the user without ever sacrificing aesthetic. In a one-of-a-kind setting that embodies the entire Valcucine philosophy, a location chosen not only as an exhibition venue but also as a location dedicated to culture and forms in their many.

As soon as you enter the showroom the attention is immediately caught by Logica Celata bar in its Vitrum Arte Tiles finish.

Thanks to the V-Motion, our patented system, ergonomics and well-being conquers new frontiers, taking every experience in the kitchen to more extraordinary, poetical and emotional heights.

Only with a movement of a hand simultaneously the door opens and turns the tap and the lights of the back panel on, creating a truly unique sensation. The colour of the luminous backdrop can be chosen in the same, easy way, allowing the splendours of nature to freely interact with everyday life, because each shade is inspired by nature: red fire, yellow-earth, green-water, sky blue-air.

At the centre of the store stands, Genius Loci in its island composition with inserted induction top and counter in tactile elm wood effect. Clean lines, pure volumes, light materials and an advanced ergonomic study distinguish this project. The island features an integrated cooktop and a cantilevered portion of the top to be used as an informal and convivial snack area.

This fully reflects our principle of ergonomics and . The Air Logica system makes possible to exploit the entire contents of extra-deep base units. When shut the large door conceals the equipped back panel, which is accessorised to meet the user's requirements with sections dedicated to organising the kitchen. The elegance and sophistication is emphasized by the finish of the door in butterfly wing effect graphic .

Genius Loci with Air Logica system cloud white vitrum finish and tactile oak boiserie

For sure, I hope and I believe that Valcucine and the showroom will be a destination for all the ace designers in our market. There's no doubt there' will be more and more designers, architects, and customers who can understand Valcucine, appreciate Valcucine, and love Valcucine as I do.” concludes Phil Ye.