Vitrum Arte


Skillful craftsmanship is one of the main features of the Italian excellence that makes our industrial products unique.

We contribute to the culture of beauty with Vitrum Arte, an exclusive technique we at Valcucine developed during two years of research and that lets us reproduce designs on glass which are applied manually using an extraordinary inlay technique.
To be accomplished, this extremely innovative process still requires the patient and fundamental work of man.

Your project: customised using the customer’s design

In addition to our standard designs, Vitrum Arte’s glass surfaces can be customised by reproducing designs, images and photographs suggested by our customers.
Your creativity can be fully expressed for a really unique and inimitable result.

Available for


Artematica Soft Outline
Genius Loci

Tops* :
Genius Loci
Forma Mentis
*Attention: check exceptions in the document Matching collection-finishes.
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