Vitrum Arte handmade: your unique kitchen

With you can design your ! Skilled craftsmanship is one of the fundamental elements that identifies Valcucine production.

Valcucine enhances the culture of beauty with Vitrum Arte, a special technique developed by us after years of research that makes it possible to create hand-applied designs on glass with extraordinary inlay work. A highly innovative process where, however, the patient hand of man is still essential.

The technique

Vitrum Arte uses precisely the same technique of wooden inlay that has produced true artistic masterpieces and admirable works of high craftsmanship in past centuries.

Over the years, we have revisited wooden inlay using current materials such as glass and colored films. As in the past, the technique employed is traditional, characterized by entirely manual workmanship that makes each piece unique.

In order to be inlaid on the glass panels, the original designs are vectorized, resulting in solid-colored backgrounds without shading or transparency. The designs are cut out on special colored films and applied to the tempered glass panels by hand. Any minor imperfections in the matching of the films testify to fine craftsmanship and the value of tailor-made.

Vitrum Arte plays to amaze, to free the imagination

Valcucine gives you the opportunity to customise your kitchen using various types of designs, including
exclusive artworks by famous Masters, Alessandro Mendini, Sandro Chia and Ugo Nespolo. Each composition becomes a painting, an aesthetic masterpiece, an exclusive and unique project. Creativity thus finds full expression, for a unique and inimitable result.

Turning one's choice towards a craftsmanship such as inlay on glass, contributes to creating a greater emotional bond towards the kitchen, increasing its life cycle and durability.

Indeed, Vitrum Arte succeeds in conveying a three-dimensional feel to the surface, which is especially favored by the use of metallic colors such as gold, silver and brass.

Thanks to the high technical expertise and long research work, the colors have a very high resistance to light and remain unchanged over time.

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