Logica Celata designed for total integration of the with the living space

Great scenic impact and maximum efficiency for our Logica Celata, the result of ingenious research aimed at reinventing ergonomics and designed for the total integration of the with the living space.

Everything is within reach, ready to be used in the most effective and practical way possible. When finished, everything becomes invisible, perfectly concealed behind the door that closes flush with the base units, bringing order and cleanliness back in an instant.

With space increasingly becoming a precious resource, especially in rapidly expanding cities, the secret to adding green areas can be to build them vertically, without expanding the city onto the land. Our Logica Celata kitchen fits perfectly into this context of , which is the backdrop for our “Ecosophìa” catalogue.

Adding vegetation to the outside of buildings, as in the case of the “”, means improving the air quality of the city and energy efficiency inside the buildings themselves. Different plant species help to create a special microclimate that produces humidity and oxygen, without forgetting the scenic aspect: the alternation of the seasons transforms the green architectural composition from time to time, offering an ever-changing and different vision of the city.

Valcucine glass kitchen

Logica Celata in gloss Warm Black ; gloss Warm Black Vitrum tower units. island with Distressed Copper and Absolute Black Granite base units; Absolute Black Granite top and drawers H8. by Gabriele Centazzo

The choice of integrating the kitchen into the living space or creating an open-plan living environment with an open kitchen is becoming increasingly popular.

Logica Celata presents itself as a large equipped wall that, once closed, transforms into an elegant furnishing element designed for the total integration of the kitchen with the living space.

A highly suggestive sculptural volume that combines beauty and functionality, and which through Vitrum Arte customisation offers the possibility of creating a unique and personal kitchen.

To accompany the aesthetic beauty and details of this typical , we wanted to equip this collection with the best Special Elements, so that it could frame the kitchen in an exclusive and unique way.

For example, designed for an island or peninsula kitchen, our equipped bridge frame divides the room without closing it, allowing the two areas of the bridge to interact and creating a refined play of volumes between the solidity of the base and the aesthetic lightness of the structure.

A furnishing element but also a functional space, it is available in two heights and can be customised to suit different needs and areas of use with a rich assortment of accessories.



The luminescent particles of the light panel amplify the space and create a “cloud effect”, making the view unobstructed, like light coming in through a window.

With V-Light, you can change the colour of the luminous background, choosing the light best suited to your needs, depending on your mood, the natural light you have available, and the atmosphere you want to create at that moment.

Changing the colour of the backlight gives rise to three scenarios: from the different gradations of white light, to the suggestions of the elements of nature, to the circadian cycle with which the natural course of the sun over a 24-hour period is automatically recreated.