Just the right light for you

The luminous back panel has been designed to embody one of the basic concepts of Valcucine’s philosophy, i.e. freedom.
Luminescent particles expand space, creating a hazy effect that floods the kitchen with light, just like opening a window.
V-Light allows you to change in three different ways the colour of the back panel by choosing the light that best suits you depending on your mood, on the amount of natural light available and on the atmosphere you want to create at that specific moment in time.
V-Light is included with V-Motion.


Dimmable white light

Once you have chosen from the lights available, the intensity of the back panel’s light can be adjusted from cold - perfect for performing kitchen chores - to warm to create soft ambient lighting.


Light representing the four natural elements

Once you have chosen the background lighting you can choose from four shades inspired by the natural elements:
- Yellow-earth
- Red-fire
- Sky blu-air
- Green-water


Circadian cycle light

The circadian cycle is regulated by multiple factors and based on stimuli from outside, such as alternating day and night.
With the light set to the circadian cycle, the light background of the backrest automatically recreates the natural course of the sun over a 24-hour period, tuning to a light similar to natural light.