Valcucine Ningbo | Youmo Furniture, our newly renovated showroom in China

Placed in the heart of Ningbo, Zhejiang, one of China's oldest cities, the newly renovated Valcucine Ningbo | Youmo Furniture finds its home in the iconic “Ningbo Central Building”, a towering structure synonymous with the city's financial, trade, and exhibition vibrancy.

kitchen showroom in Ningbo

Ningbo Center skyscraper, China

Positioned within the Deco Deca Design Center, an icon of chic design and luxurious home furnishings, the showroom addresses to the various tastes of individuals with a European lifestyle background in Ningbo.

Valcucine Ningbo | Youmo Furniture showroom wants to satisfy people who appreciate high-quality kitchens by meeting their advanced technical expectations and providing excellent performance.

The goal is to fully satisfy their fashion, , functionality requirements and imagination for .

Genius Loci with Dark Blue Matt Glass doors; island with tops and drawers in Cardoso stone

Entering the showroom, you quickly spot Genius Loci collection, featuring a Blue Matt harmonized with wood, metal, and natural stone, which revolutionises traditional color schemes.

V-Motion, a symbol of clever inteligence, introduces gesture control for dynamic cabinet glass panel openings, tap rotations, and lighting adjustments. The colour lighting background adapts to moods, natural light availability, and desired atmospheres, allowing customers to curate a personalized ambient.

In response to the contemporary trend of integrating kitchens into living spaces, Valcucine showcases the Logica Celata, offering efficiency and convenience while maintaining a shiny appearance. Post-work, appliances seamlessly vanish behind closed doors, restoring the space to a natural state.

The showroom seams like a “vertical forest”, accentuated by green plants that not only enhances air quality but also contributes to energy efficiency. Different plant varieties create a scenographic effect, providing vapor, oxygen, and a constantly evolving landscape that complements the changing seasons.

New Logica door is customized with Vitrum Arte and reproduces the abstract design L'ospitalità of Tatsunori Kano

Artematica's distinctive elements, including the New Logica back panel, elevate daily kitchen interactions. The upper lifting door and lower sliding door, coupled with concealed supporting equipment, blur the line between creativity, , and spatial aesthetics.

The Vitrum Arte customisation project further enhances New Logica's uniqueness, supporting an harmonious relationship between kitchen and .

Besides, Forma Mentis introduces in the space a soft velvet touch effect with the Angel Skin finish, while the wall unit hanging cabinets ensure practicality and multifunctionality with a light visual impact.

kitchen showroom in Ningbo

Beyond kitchen displays, the Ningbo showroom dedicates a space to Accademia Valcucine, which aims to give customers the opportunity to learn first-hand how to design and plan kitchens.

With various finish options, Valcucine continues to showcase its commitment to continuous innovation technology.

The Ningbo exhibition hall welcomed designers such as Lin Wei Ping Design, W·DA Wang Jian Design Office, Cangzhong Construction, Hanger Design, Jiyi Design, Deke Dejia International Home Furnishing, and more.