All the best interior projects of 2023 featuring Valcucine

Step with us into the best interior projects of 2023 featuring Valcucine kitchens inside the most exceptional landscapes all around the world.

This exclusive editorial reveals a perfect blend of contemporary design and functional luxury in various settings, from city homes to expansive villas.

Valcucine's presence transforms spaces, creating a unique and impressive atmosphere in each context.

Lima House by MK27


At the first place of our best interior design projects of 2023, Lima House, in Perù, designed by Studio MK27 captures the essence of a townhouse through its stacked volumes and internal programmatic boxes.

This cube architectural house is therefore composed of three external boxes, placed one on top of another, and internal boxes that resolve the program.

The external boxes are made of slatted exposed concrete, with the front and back façades clad in different materials and acting as side covers. These materials form uniform skins that hide all openings.

The palette of materials is quite small: wood, stone, concrete and aluminium. The wood is of Brazilian origin, given its resistance to the weather. The stone (Basalt) and marble (Travertine) are also local.

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holiday luxury villa

Ph: RICKEN DESAI Photography

Among all the other best interior design projects of 2023: Rushi Konda residence, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Indian design firm Aamir & Hameeda Design Studio. Positioned to a breathtaking seascape on one side and offering glimpses of the picturesque hills of Vizag, on the other, this residence is a harmonious blend of sophistication and natural beauty.

Described as a “home away from home” the client envisioned a space that could effortlessly host numerous local and outstation guests. The primary objective was to create an entertainment haven with ample bedrooms to comfortably accommodate friends during various events and gatherings.

This luxurious villa boasts a distinctive design featuring four bedrooms and seven lounges. Each of the four bedrooms is meticulously named based on its use and conceptual design, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to this luxurious residence. Learn more.

Ph courtesy by Vincent Callebaut

As we proceed on our journey, there's no doubt that an award goes also to the sustainable Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Residential Tower in Taiwan, designed by Vincent Callebaut, who embodies the perfect commitment to environmental responsibility. Our Valcucine technology, installed in a luxury apartment within this tower, combines science and elegance, aligning with the architect's vision to create energy-saving, carbon-absorbing structures that combat global warming.

The primary goal of the plant-covered twisting tower, resembling a DNA strand, is to promote and facilitate the concept of carbon-absorbing buildings, aiming to mitigate the escalating global temperature. Given the intensifying issue of global warming, it is imperative for all companies and groups to shoulder responsibility by advocating and actively engaging in local government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, particularly in industries and transportation sectors. Discover more.

Ph: Fran Parente

Moving than, to San Paolo, Brasil, Casa Ibsen, designed by Matheus Farah and Manoel Maia, harmoniously incorporates one of ours stainless steel into its wooden and concrete . This integration maintains a respectful relationship with the environment while offering a unique living experience.

The architectural design, featuring a functional and integrated layout, relies on elements that not only facilitate enjoyable communal experiences but also ensure the necessary discretion and respect for personal intimacy.

This approach aims to create flexibles areas that can serve as both social gathering spots and quiet domestic areas. These two dynamics coexist and complement each other, playing a key role in redefining the concept of the home. Learn more.

Ph courtesy MONO Architects

Finally, Infinity Villa (by MONO architects) project in Ukraine stands out for its minimalist where kitchen ergonomics meet breathtaking views. Covering an area of 725 square meters, this single-level residence maintains a strong connection with its natural surroundings, harnessing the earth's energy.

The entire house, from the entrance to the adjoining rooms, offers stunning panoramic views. Learn more.

In conclusion, all these best interior design projects of 2023 stand out as examples of , sustainability and functional elegance.

From the Indian magnificence to Peru's playful urban charm, Taiwan's sustainable luxury, Ukraine's minimalist vista, and Sao Paolo's harmonious integration, each interior design projects reflects all Valcucine's philosophy and values.

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