10 years of success in Brazil: celebrating some of the best projects with our local partner

Our partner Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale celebrates 10 years of kitchen projects in with us. To commemorate this important milestone, the local partner launched a special initiative, involving some between the 10 renowned of the area to celebrate the long shared partnership with Valcucine.

Over the past 10 years, Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale has played a key role in transforming kitchens into elegant and functional spaces, offering its local customers innovative and solutions.

10 years of kitchen projects in Brazil

This unique celebration includes exclusive testimonials from some of the 10 architects whose talent and vision have contributed significantly to the brand's success in Brazil. Each of them shared their experiences, highlighting the creative process of each project, the challenges overcome and the importance of the partnership with Valcucine.

In addition to their testimonies, the architects also presented some of their most significant projects realised in collaboration with Valcucine. These creations reflect not only the sophisticated aesthetics of the brand, but also the architects' ability to fuse and .

“Reaching a decade of kitchen project activity in Brazil is a significant milestone for Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale. We are extremely grateful for the continued collaboration of the architects and the support of our customers. This is just the beginning of many years of and exceptional design.”. Store Manager Freddy Hermann

To celebrate this important goal Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale has brought together ten of Brazil's most distinguished and creative architects, each of whom has brought their innovative genius and mastery of design to create several extraordinary and timeless projects over the years: Fernanda Marques, David Bastos, Gui Mattos, Jayme Bernardo, Olegário de Sá, Renata Gaia, Roberto Migotto, Sharon Fliter, Marí Aní Oglouyan and Arhur Casas.

Fernanda Marques

Her designs are characterised by a clean, contemporary style in tune with the best of international art and design. One example is a duplex flat designed to maximise views and natural light, overcoming initial structural limitations with an integration of rooms and a skilful use of white marble as a floor finish.

Artsy Project, São Paulo (Brazil)


David Bastos

Architect Bastos' projects, ranging from the public sector to private residences, are characterised by comfort, informality and attention to materials. In the specific case of the Vila Madalena project, the architect has favored dynamic and luminous living spaces, using a combination of wood and lights in the finish of the concealed Logica kitchen to create a welcoming and refined atmosphere. Logica Celata in Vitrum Lucido Cenere embodies discreet elegance and intelligent functionality The Vitrum finish gives the kitchen a sophisticated and modern appearance, while its mechanism allows for hiding the functional elements of the kitchen when not in use, maintaining a clean and tidy aesthetic.

Vila Madalena, San Paulo (Brazil)


Gui Mattos

Gui Mattos, an architect from São Paulo, has distinguished himself for his proactive architecture and ability to reinvent functional and expressive spaces. In his studio, founded in 1987, he has realised award-winning projects such as the ALL Residence in Guarujá. His design focused on integrating environments and using both modern and simple materials. The fitted kitchen encapsulates timeless elegance and flawless functionality. With its simple aesthetic and neutral color, it harmoniously integrates into any environment, imparting a sense of brightness and space.

Residencia ALL, Guarujá (Brazil)


Jayme Bernardo

In one of his projects, Jayme Bernardo transformed a flat into a duplex to accommodate a growing family, favouring functional and versatile spaces and integrating colourful elements and functional materials in the kitchen area. Air Logica, utilized in this apartment, represents an innovation in kitchen space and organization Thanks to its intelligent design, Air Logica optimizes space use, allowing for greater efficiency in organizing kitchen utensils and accessories.

Project – Homedesign Jayme Bernardo


Olegário de Sá

The Brazilian architect has realised high-end commercial and residential projects in Brazil and abroad. His work is characterised by attention to detail and the integration of spaces. In the large open space of this Brazilian residence, the integration of the Special Element Air Logica adds a touch of modernity and functionality to the living room. Strategically positioned, this system combines elegance and practicality, transforming the kitchen space into a focal point of the room. Its clean, sophisticated design harmonises perfectly with the modern aesthetics of the residence.

Arquitectura Interiores Olegário de Sá


Renata Gaia

Renata Gaia is a Brazilian architect renowned for her innovative vision in the field of . His work stands out for the creative use of local materials and traditional construction techniques, often integrating natural elements such as vegetation and solar lighting to create harmonious and comfortable spaces Through projects that embrace the cultural essence of Brazil and promote environmental sustainability, Renata Gaia has left a significant mark on the landscape of contemporary architecture

Ph courtesy Renata Gaia


Roberto Migotto

Roberto Migotto, known for his extraordinary ability to fuse contemporary elegance with the warmth and vibrant essence of Brazil. Her distinctive signature is reflected in projects that embrace sophisticated style and attention to detail, creating spaces that blend comfort and luxury without compromising functionality.

Ph courtesy Roberto Migotto


Sharon Fliter

Architect Sharon Fliter specializes in residential and commercial interior design projects, focusing on functionality, comfort, and innovation. She has designed a kitchen and dedicated area seamlessly integrated into the living space, employing a palette of sophisticated colors and high-quality materials.

Ph courtesy Sharon Fliter


Arthur Casas

Her architecture and interior design studio stand out for the coherence between space, objects, and people, highlighting a balance between rationality and distinctive forms that lend uniqueness to her projects both in Brazil and abroad. Casas, renowned for its avant-garde approach and attention to detail, has chosen Valcucine for many of its interior design projects. This choice reflects its pursuit of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Valcucine kitchens seamlessly integrate with Casas' distinctive style, emphasizing the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to their timeless elegance and cutting-edge technology, they become the focal point of living spaces designed by Casas, offering ergonomic and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of its most demanding clients.

Ph Studio Arthus Casas


Marí Aní Oglouyan

The Brazilian architecture studio Arquitetura Oglouyan is known for its ability to create innovative and functional spaces that reflect elegance and contemporary style. Collaborating with Valcucine has allowed Marí Aní Oglouyan to offer cutting-edge kitchen solutions, characterized by sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technologies. By integrating Valcucine kitchens into their architectural projects, the studio has created kitchen environments that seamlessly blend with the overall style of the living spaces. This partnership has enabled the architect to create projects that combine refined design, functionality, and sustainability, offering cutting-edge kitchen solutions that seamlessly integrate into the broader architectural context

Duplex in San Paulo, ph Arquitetura Oglouyan


These ten years of collaboration have marked an extraordinary chapter in the history of Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale bringing to light some of the best kitchen designs, not only throughout Brazil, but also a collection of exclusive projects that embody the perfect fusion of functionality and sophisticated design that encapsulates the philosophy of the Valcucine brand.

Looking to the future, our collaboration with the local Brazilian partner will continue to pursue innovation and excellence in the industry, thanks also to the architects, clients and all those who have made this possible.

Ph courtesy Valcucine Brasil | Habitat Naturale