glass kitchen

A futuristic-looking open space hosts our in Turin

A stylish, open space featuring a unique glass kitchen that reflects futuristic elements is crafted around a charming, glossy black parallelepiped. In front of this element, pure white walls and eccentric furnishings appropriate the setting, evoking cinematic atmospheres reminding of Kubrick's filmography.

The director behind this extraordinary project is the young architect and designer Gianluca Bocchetta of Velvet Studio.

Grange House, stands out for its organic and architecturally captivating allure. Located in a recently restored rationalist palace in the heart of Turin, this residence expands itselfs in three levels with a surface area of 200 mq. The apartment is surrounded on all sides by a 100 mq terrace, while an additional terrace on the top of the building offers a panoramic view of the city.

“With almost maniacal care, the context was shaped in such a way that details, which often disturb the harmony of a house, were cleverly hidden: lights, switches, hatches, handrails, boxes. Each element has been perfectly camouflaged in the environment.”  Gianluca Bocchetta, architect and designer Velvet Studio

Artematica, in its glossy finish, expertly integrated into this project by our local partner Valcucine Torino | Oikos Margaria, adds a touch of eccentricity and contemporaneity to the project. Its innovative design seamlessly aligns with the pop and futuristic style of the entire house, contributing to the creation of a unique environment.

The use of Vitrum in the kitchen not only imparts a modern and luminous appearance but also adds a touch of elegance and originality This choice of materials and colors reflects the bold and avant-garde vision of the architect, aiming to transform the house into a kind of personal gallery.

The special element, New Logica, introduces an extraordinary level of and versatility. This innovative concept allows for creative organization of spaces, transforming the kitchen into a true functional work of . The ability to adapt the kitchen elements to the owner's needs and tastes, in addition to integrating design pieces collected over a lifetime, makes this kitchen the focal point of the residence.

glass kitchen

Indeed, the real challenge was to turn the house into a gallery filled with objects and family heirlooms collected over the course of the inhabitant's life. The house has become a true futuristic open space, where white creates a neutral backdrop to highlight iconic objects, the true protagonists of this unique open space.

The ergonomics of the dwelling have been carefully studied, outlining a perimeter path around a central steel volume identified as the conceptual engine of this vision, named “ithec”.

The staircase and the wall blend harmoniously, becoming the primary source of light. A line that, along with other luminous details, creates an extraordinary visual performance evolving from twilight to evening.

glass kitchen

“This residence is not simply a living space; rather, it is a dynamic pop art piece that manifests through its structure, lighting, and objects, transforming every moment of daily life into an unforgettable aesthetic experience.”

Ph: Barbara Corsico