kitchen integration in the architecture

Valcucine's project integration in the of a Miami Beach Residence

The 's project integration into the living space or creating an open-plan living environment with an open kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. Logica Celata is presented as a large equipped wall that, once closed, turns into an elegant piece of furniture designed for total integration with the living space. A striking sculptural volume that combines beauty and , and through customization Arte gives the possibility of creating a unique and personal kitchen.

Located on the prestigious North Bay Road in Miami Beach, surrounded by luxury residences and adjacent to Sunset Island and the Miami Beach Golf Club, this canal-side residence stands as an example of kitchen project integration into the house's architectural framework.

The interior design was curated by Argent Design, an award-winning international firm headquartered in London Victoria, with offices in the USA and Australia, while construction was undertaken by Bart Reines Luxury Homebuilder. Boasting a sleek design and expansive layout, this villa offers a sophisticated coastal lifestyle within the vibrant cultural scene of the area.

The house was custom designed as per the client's taste. From the first communication received the client stayed that:

“As an additional note, I particularly like Valcucine' s well-being mission – the prioritizing of health and non-toxicity in materiality usage and application, and the company's respect for the environment in reducing usage of materials where possible to minimize impact on the environment.”

Valcucine's philosophy aligns seamlessly with the client's values, making it the natural choice for crafting a kitchen that embodies luxury without compromising on health or sustainability. This shared ethos ensured that every aspect of the kitchen design, from the choice of materials to the layout and functionality, connected with the client's vision for their home.

By integrating Valcucine's ethos into the design process, the resulting kitchen not only met the client's expectations but exceeded them, elevating the entire home to new heights of sophistication, luxury, and sustainability.

One specific request from the client was to accommodate a large group of appliances within the kitchen layout without affecting the monolithic aesthetic of the design proposed, the kitchen layout also accommodate to the house shape and proportion, being read as part of the of the house.

The owner together with our partner Valcucine Miami | Hausscape, envisioned an avant-garde, minimalistic kitchen design, opting for the uniqueness and functionality of Logica Celata kitchen collection and the elegant Genius Loci drawer in Titanium precious metal. A monolithic island crafted from a singular marble slab was a crucial element of their vision, accommodating a multitude of appliances within the kitchen layout without compromising the monolithic aesthetic was a specific challenge.

Logica Celata embodies the essence of modernity and in kitchen design characterized by clean and minimalist lines, this collection offers ingenious solutions to optimize space and ensure perfect organization. The furniture and appliances are concealed behind retractable sliding panels, which open and close with elegance and precision thanks to a sophisticated sliding system.

The drawer in precious Titanium metal adds a touch of refinement and exclusivity to the design. This element, besides being aesthetically appealing, also offers extraordinary functionality, allowing for the stylish and practical storage and organization of kitchen utensils.

The use of Logica Celata and the drawer seamlessly integrates with the overall design concept of the Miami Beach residence, helping to create a kitchen space that is both a statement of style and a highly functional environment.

The choice of Matt finish in a vibrant but elegant Amethyst color was born following the design concept of the house.

Ph credits: Christian Arévalo