Valcucine kitchens showroom in Rome

Valcucine Roma Trastevere | Fattorini, a new in Rome

We are proud to announce the opening of a new Valcucine in Rome, in the heart of Trastevere, one of the richest and charming neighborhood of the Capital.

This new kitchens showroom in Rome is opened by Catia Fattorini, an entrepreneur with an authoritative history in the field of furniture and a solid bond with the Roman territory.

With over twenty years of experience in , two large showrooms – in the historic center in via Arenula and in via Tuscolana – and an online shop, Catia Fattorini is, since a long time, the point of reference for those in Rome search of the best , as well as refined furniture products. She can claim countless collaborations with interior and private architectural firms providing tailor-made solutions for her clients.

We met Catia Fattorini and she told us the meaning and the importance of the new opening of Valcucine Roma Trastevere | Fattorini.

Catia Fattorini, esperta di e fondatrice di Valcucine Roma Trastevere | Fattorini.

Can you briefly tell us what the Fattorini brand means in Rome?

Fattorini expresses an original and unconventional vision of design, the result of an extensive and deep research. It has allowed us to find and bring to Rome a selection of the best international brands and designers.

Until now, Fattorini have always been a multi-brand showroom to represent this articulated and multifaceted vision of the interior. I have always done a lot of scouting, I have always read many design magazines, I have attended all the fairs, in the belief that continuous updating was necessary to bring the most interesting brands to the store, the most innovative proposals, sometimes even against the current trends. In fact, more than once I have been among the first to believe and present in my stores brands that were unknown and then became very successful.

I have always had a personal vision of how design should be selected and displayed and how to enhance it. When I started, opening the first shop, in via Tuscolana, the entrepreneurship of the design distribution industry was completely male.

Then, at a time when everyone was concentrating on the suburbs with huge, dispersive and impersonal showrooms, in 2005 I opened the second showroom, but in the center, in via Arenula, an elegant area where the boutiques of the great fashion brands were concentrated.

Once again I went against the tide following my intuition. I anticipated the evolution of the design showrooms of the future: a space in which a selection of the best products is concentrated and, above all, with a precise atmosphere, an emotional and personal mood, which involves all the interior objects, from the to the lamp, from the pillow to the pots, because they are all elements of the same project and all contribute equally, on a different scale, to create the atmosphere of an interior. Mine is a research work, and paraphrasing Achille Castiglioni, we can say that “you need to be curious to do it“.

Piero Romondini and Alessandra Paolucci of Valcucine Rome Trastevere | Fattorini.

Why did you open a new showroom in Rome and why in Trastevere?

Trastevere is a beautiful area of Rome, very lively from a cultural and touristic point of view. Opening a shop in Trastevere means being in the historic heart of Rome, which has been and continues to be a place full of meanings for the Romans but also for those who know Rome through its clubs, nightlife, folklore, cinema in the square, the intense life, which represents the popular, lively and generous nature of this city.

Last but not the least, there is the culinary tradition of Trastevere: we are part of this centuries-old and still very much alive tradition with the new showroom which, not surprisingly, has a fully functional . This kitchen is the beating heart of many distinctive moments in the showroom.

Who will be your typical customers and what kind of service will you offer them?

We created a living space, where customers can come and try everything, everything is working: the LG Signature Kitchen Suite premium appliances, the wine cellar, the induction hob, the wall units with the sensor that detects movement, the plastic free tap that purifies and produces sparkling and fresh water.

In this new Valcucine showroom in Rome, our customers will find a qualified design, completely tailor-made, tailored to the individual, made by a team of people who deeply know Valcucine since more than twenty years.

It will also be a meeting and exchange place, a creative hub with starred chefs, where we will organize events and show cooking, thanks to which we will focus the spotlight on local culinary traditions.

The opening of a new showroom always represents a new journey but it is also a point of arrival for me, because I managed to make my great passion of all time coincide with an activity that finds a lot of interest and satisfying business results. I strongly believe in this new beginning.

The choice of Valcucine for this new opening in Rome therefore corresponds to the importance of working with companies that have a great history behind them and whose values I share.

Why did you choose Valcucine, what impressed you the most about the brand?

The design, the clean lines, the technological research of course, but also the strength of the messages of eco-sustainability. Valcucine was already talking about it forty years ago, long before any green trend came to the fore and decades earlier than Greta Thunberg. I fall in love with projects and ideas, the meeting with Valcucine over twenty years ago was in some ways love at first sight. I immediately understood that I was faced with something completely different and which is still a unique product today, a that you cannot compare with others. Just as their openness to the artisan world is out of the ordinary, the fruitful and sensitive encounter between industry and local craftsmanship, which brings together inlayers, marble workers, glass workers, carpenters, activates collaborations rich in meaning, realizes projects of great value, grafting the local identity into a contemporary design.