Our new showroom in Los Angeles is now open

Valcucine's new showroom in Los Angeles (USA) was recently opened together with our partner DOM Interiors.

Our partner boasts extensive design experience and with renowned design studios, including P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S , Line Architecture and Morphosis. Architectural and interior design studios boasting projects all over the world, work ranging from residential, institutional and civil buildings to large urban planning projects.

The shop is located in an area of high visibility and transit. Located in the heart of the 1.9-square-mile metropolis, West Hollywood is a robust economic and cultural centre of idealism and creativity. People from all over the world visit West Hollywood for its unique destinations such as the iconic Design District, home to leading brands from around the world.

Valcucine Los Angeles

Exterior facade of the in Los Angeles

The showroom is therefore strategically located in an active commercial area of the city, easy to get to and around.

The new Valcucine Los Angeles | DOM Interiors space has large windows overlooking the heart of the district, giving ample space to our brand's most representative collections.

Logica Celata in Pure White Glossy Glass

Welcoming the visitor at the entrance of the showroom in Los Angeles is a Logica Celata with a Pure White glossy glass finish.

Thanks to V-motion, our patented system, ergonomics and well-being conquer new frontiers, taking every kitchen experience to more extraordinary, poetic and emotional levels. With just a movement of the hand, the door opens simultaneously and the faucet and back lights turn on, creating a truly unique sensation. The colour of the luminous backdrop can also be chosen just as easily.

With V-Light, you can change the colour of the luminous backdrop in three different modes, choosing the light that best suits your needs, depending on your mood, the natural light you have available, and the atmosphere you want to create at that moment. Each shade is inspired by nature: fire-red, earth-yellow, water-green, air-blue.

Riciclantica kitchen with real Lead Aluminium doors, Absolute Black stone top; Aerius Wall Unit System in Polished Smoked Glass; Cold Grey Polished Glass Boiserie

The main focus of attention in the space, however, is captured by the composition with real lead aluminium doors by Riciclantica.

The concepts of flight and lightness and the resulting feeling of physical and mental freedom are the essential prerequisites of Riciclantica, punctually translated into construction solutions.

The lightness is underpinned by a targeted use of materials, selected for their ability to cover doors, tops and sides with thicknesses reduced to a few millimetres, always guaranteeing excellent resistance. The contrast between the play of volumes, colours and materials stands out in this composition. The protagonists of the kitchen are the finishes in glass and metal.

To be even more ergonomic, the kitchen is equipped with the Aerius Wall Unit System, with its polished smoked glass door. The Aerius Hanging System reaches its maximum expression with the balanced door, which, by exploiting the force of gravity, allows a comfortable, wide opening. Just a touch and the door opens upwards, like a wing in flight, remaining suspended for as long as necessary.

kitchen with New Logica in Hearth Matt Glass finish; suspended top in Carnic Grey Stone; base units in Antique Brass Metal

Finally, the uniqueness of this kitchen showroom in Los Angeles is underlined by the New Logica Special Element, in its Matt Earth. The glass is combined with other sustainable and refined materials such as the Carnic Grey stone of the worktop, which lends a touch of light to the room, and the precious Antique Brass metal of the base units, characterised by timeless aesthetics.

For years we have recognised that the kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why our range of solutions is adaptable to any space and lifestyle.

From remodelling and layout ideas to the replacement of existing furniture, Valcucine Los Angeles | Dom Interiors' team of experts will work closely with you to create a customised, ergonomic and functional kitchen that meets all your needs.

During the inauguration of Valcucine Los Angeles | DOM Interiors, the showroom was attended by several renowned designers and architects. Check here some highlights of the opening day: