New Riciclantica :

New Riciclantica

The ultimate in dematerialisation

“For years I have been looking for a philosophy of forms capable of representing Man in the 2000s,
regardless of passing fads; a stable philosophy that isn’t subject to continuously changing colours, lines and surfaces.
I think this philosophy - which should become the foundation of the design and architecture of the third millennium -
should be based on the dematerialisation of products visually expressed by representing Flight and Lightness”

With these words, designer Gabriele Centazzo expresses the strong philosophical basis of the Riciclantica® collection. Dematerialization, the ethical imperative at the heart of Valcucine design, reaches its highest expression here: on the aluminum frame - resistant to water, steam and heat - the lightest and thinnest door in the world with only 2 mm thickness is inserted, which saves up to 85 percent of material compared to a traditional 2 cm door.

Patented door technology

Valcucine was the first company in the world to present a total renovation in door design, a perfect synthesis of aesthetic sense, formal simplicity and technical intelligence.
In fact, the door, made of Riciclantica, is only 2 mm thick.
This structure ensures a soft and light closure, high water resistance and an extraordinary lightness that promotes a longer life of the hinges.

Structural frame made of anodized aluminum

The frame is made entirely of anodized aluminum, assembled through strong mechanical joints, 100% recyclable at the end of its life.
The aluminum is protected through an anodic oxidation treatment that makes the surface layers resistant to scratches and corrosion.
Thanks to extensive studies and special processing, the frame is not visible from the outside; thus the aesthetic panel appears as a pure, unpaired mass. A solution that expresses great formal cleanliness without neglecting the functional aspect.

Silicone rubber gasket

The gasket functions as a bumper, dust shield and drip saver. Silicone rubber is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic and ultra-low emission material widely used in the food and medical industries. Silicone materials exhibit excellent stability thermal and high resistance to UV and atmospheric aging.



This structure guarantees a soft and light fastening, high water resistance and an extraordinary lightness that promotes a longer zip life.



Among the distinguishing elements of Riciclantica we find the ergonomic opening with grooves that cuts the surface of the bases highlighting the search for maximum dematerialization and making the subtlety of the door perceived.



To further enhance the feeling of functionality, it is possible to complement the Riciclantica kitchen with dedicated Special Elements, which with their suspended, upward-sloping forms free up both movement and sightlines.

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