Aerius wall-hung System:

Aerius wall-hung System

Man’s wellbeing and his need for freedom - concepts that are at the basis of Valcucine’s design - are fulfilled by the Aerius wall-hung System, an idea that conveys extreme visual lightness and makes it possible to better exploit all the space available on the wall.

Without compromising on their solidity, the partially or fully-recyclable parts that make up its architecture are broken down to the essentials. The aluminium carcass is provided with elegant, glass shelves, led lighting and a hook rail and it can hold a vast range of specifically-designed accessories, full of precious and functional details.

The Aerius wall-hung System expresses itself to the full through its large balanced door which effortlessly opens up wide, courtesy of its mechanism that exploits the force of gravity. A touch of the hand and the door opens upwards, like a wing in flight, and stays put for all the time needed. The system’s modularity favours the creation of very unique projects developed around the balance between solids and voids for extremely refined interiors.


Laminated and backlit backs

- HPL laminate back: Practical and easy to clean, laminate provides excellent resistance to stains and chemicals.

- Polymethylmethacrylate back: A material that allows light to be diffused from above in a grazing manner. The result is pleasant lighting that does not dazzle. The luminescent particles amplify the space and create the 'cloud effect', making the view free, like light coming in through a window.



Hook rail and Light strip

- Defined by a clean and essential aesthetics, the hook bar integrated in the wall unit structure allows you to always have the tools you use most often at hand, thanks to the pure hook.

- For proper illumination of the worktop, the wall unit structure is also equipped with an integrated LED bar.



Balanced door

- Depending on your requirements, the hanging structure can be complemented by a door with a light and silent tilting opening. With just a touch, the door opens upwards, remaining suspended for as long as required. You can thus work comfortably with the sash open, avoiding the continuous opening and closing operations of conventional systems.