Riciclantica Outline: a modern kitchen with pure lines in a revolutionary timber architecture

Our sophisticated technology, the lightness of Riciclantica and a new functional research pool together to create Riciclantica Outline: a with pure lines, with a terse, straight profile running along the edges of the kitchen, becoming the distinctive element of the composition.

Serving as the backdrop for Riciclantica Outline in our catalogue “Ecosophìa” is one of the most well-known and architectures in recent times: timber .

Due to its versatility, lightness and resistance, wood is enjoying a new lease of life in contemporary architecture thanks to the development of improved building techniques that can make the most of the great potential of this material.


Kitchen base units, tops and tower units in silk-effect Leaden Grey laminate; accessorised splashback in Aged Stainless Steel; modern kitchen island with base units and top in silk-effect Mimetic Green laminate

Formal perfection combines with practicality of use: the protected edge reinforces the material and increases the strength of this modern kitchen.

To enhance the purity of the lines, the possibility of declining finishes on the door, top and side. A stylistic choice that allows the creation of a single-material element with perfect visual cleanliness. The design philosophy of Riciclantica Outline combines the compositional lightness of Riciclantica and its Special Elements with functional blocks, which can be combined thanks to suspended elements declined
in various types.

Versatile solutions that can be configured according to needs in an interplay of functions, shapes and materials. Defining the different modules is the metal profile that runs along the edges of the surfaces, the stylistic feature of Riciclantica Outline: proposed in our “Ecosophìa” in black anodized aluminum finish, it enhances the design concept, drawing geometries in space.

The technical detail and aesthetic language of this modern kitchen meet in a measured synthesis of formal balance and attention to detail.

The planning philosophy behind Riciclantica Outline combines some functional volumes which can be connected using different types of floating elements – with the modular lightness of Riciclantica and with its . These versatile solutions can be configured to satisfy various needs, putting together functions, forms and materials.


Aerius wall-hung System in gloss Smoky Grey Vitrum Velato

The Aerius wall-hung System reaches its maximum expression with the rocker door, which, by exploiting
the force of gravity, allows a comfortable and wide opening. Just a touch and the door opens upward, like a wing in flight, remaining suspended for as long as necessary.


In keeping with the principle of dematerialization, the Floor-to-ceiling System it is made up of vertical uprights in black anodised aluminium paired with elegant Gloss Smoky Grey Vitrum Velato shelves for a
refined colour effect that adds personality to any room.

The system can be modulated according to one's needs: perfect for accommodating the most precious and everyday objects. Sought-after wooden accessories help to personalize and give warmth to the composition by restoring an aesthetic effect of great value.


Bamboo Insula breakfast bar

Also framing the characteristics of lightness, modernity, and cleanliness of Riciclantica Outline are the sustainability, understated elegance, and durability of the bamboo finish in the Insula breakfast bar.

Thanks to the special fastening system, a detachment is created between the counter itself and the volume of the bases: the table seems suspended and floating in the air. The guiding principle of the Insula counter is the search for lightness, which is materialized through the tapered profile and rounded corners. The bevel of the table's perimeter at 30° allows one to perceive the extreme thinness of the edge that is only 6 mm thick.


Symposium kitchen table

Finally, the light lines and suspended volumes of the Symposium table complete the furnishings of this example of a modern kitchen.

Flight and lightness, principles always sought after by Valcucine because they are an integral part of its design philosophy, result in an evocative and elegant language of thin thicknesses and slender forms.
A special processing allows to create a detachment between the legs and the table top, which thus seems to float in the air. The one cm thickness that unites top, detachment and leg profile draws the line of the table and defines its volume.