Cielo Unit

The Cielo Unit is a pendant structure that is hung above the island to create a practical space that also furnishes the kitchen area.

The black anodised aluminium carcass matches the Gloss Smoky Grey Vitrum Velato shelves that add beauty to the purity of the lines. Refined wooden accessories contribute to customising its configuration while adding warmth for a very beautiful aesthetic result.

The Cielo Unit's modules can be put together to meet individual needs: perfect to store the most precious objects in the home but also those used every day, they can even house a cooker hood so that it is perfectly integrated into the carcass. That’s how you can create dynamic arrangements that play with alternating
open and closed volumes while preserving a very lightweight visual effect.

Hood compartment with balanced door

The Cielo Unit is designed to accommodate the Instructura hood in a specific compartment with a balanced door. The hood is concealed amongst the storage modules, creating a furnishing solution that is perfectly integrated with the kitchen.

If you prefer the hood to be visible, choosing Vitrum Velato for the balanced door creates a translucent effect that allows the appliance to be seen - albeit indistinctly - highlighting its technicality and creating a stronger visual impact.

In addition to its decorative and concealing function, the door also has a practical one: it opens up to a horizontal position that stops the cooking fumes from being dispersed around the kitchen, conveying them towards the filters to improve the extraction process.


The Cielo Unit can be accessorized with a range of dedicated solutions.
Accessorizing this area makes the worktop more usable and frees up space inside drawers and baskets.
In addition to practicality of use, the accessories are made with special attention to aesthetics and maximum attention to detail