The charming of an exclusive ancient mansion

Château de Belet is a exclusive ancient mansion, situated in the charming Dordogne region, that serves as an exclusive property open to various groups, including families, friends, business associates, tour groups, and more.

Despite the medieval castle's initial challenges, the interior designers Jennifer and Don Macdonald enthusiastically embraced the restoration project after having acquired the 1462 French castle.

The completed transformed the castle into a five-star boutique hotel and a wedding place for guests, surrounded by a rich agricultural heritage. The property now boasts suite bedrooms, heated floors, luxurious spa bathrooms, an elegant library, a bar and a professional , fit for any chef, projected by Valcucine Berlin | Küchen Atelier Piekarz.

The process centered also in revitalizing the , by infusing it new life and expressing it in this historical context. This transformation was accomplished through meticulous decisions that honored traditions, careful material selection, and ongoing communication with the natural surroundings.

The result is a charming kitchen with a distinct identity, characterized by original features such as exposed ancient wooden beams, a brick floor, and stone walls that contribute to the environment of the surrounding landscape. These elements narrate stories which tells us tales about a long times ago.


The authenticity of the location, combined with the backing of the local community, allows Jennifer and Don to serve as modest supervisors, observing the renewal of individuals' lives on their magnificent ancient mansion.

The Genius Loci kitchen emerges as the focal point of personalisation.

In Genius Loci, the concept of the “place of personalization” was taken up by designer , right within the drawer. Like the ancient secretaires, the Genius Loci has a secret, intimate, complicit space in the drawer. An ingenious result enabled by the dematerialisation of the top, the under-top drawer becomes the distinctive element of the kitchen. A precious detail, customisable with different finishes and craftsmanship, perfectly integrated with the purity of the shapes and materials.

Genius Loci with Matt Vulcanic Soil top and doors; Titanium Bronze slanting drawer; Antique Oak Wood breakfast bar

Similar to traditional country homes, textured materials take center stage: the sophisticated interplay of stone and wood is mirrored in the kitchen, where glass and titanium are artfully blended to create a well-balanced, timeless fusion.

In addition to fostering a sense of conviviality, the Genius Loci island, in its Vulcanic Soil Matt Glass finish, is crafted to serve as a practical and operational space. It incorporates a sink, along with functional base cabinets that enhance storage capacity. The arrangement is further complemented by a cozy breakfast bar.

In a world desperate for awareness, Château de Belet is devoted to teaching the art of sacred connection – to family, friends, the land, this place, its people, and, perhaps most importantly, oneself. Life might slow down at the Château, but it also expands and is enriched as guests are invited to discover so much more.

Owners Mrs. and Mr. Jennifer and Don Macdonald

Photo courtesy: Château de Belet