Vitrum: Valcucine’s glass kitchens

Precious and eco-sustainable

Valcucine is the first company to have used glass in kitchen arrangements, opening up revolutionary prospects full of beauty and technology. Glass is a very expressive, precious and beautiful material. Apparently fragile but intrinsically tough and resistant, capable of transmitting sensations of unexpected and astonishing lightness, glass is presented in an endless array of options with continuously-changing colours and surprising tactile sensations.


Our glass kitchens results from specific tests and treatments aimed at putting the material under stress to even further enhance its performances. A significant test proving the resistance of glass consists in a ½ kg ball being made to fall onto it from a height of 3 metres. This result is obtained by subjecting glass to a thermal tempering process consisting in heating it to extremely high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it. In compliance with European standards, this process causes the inner structure of tempered glass to become five times more resistant than normal glass and, in the event it should totally shatter, to break up into minute, blunt pieces.

Non toxic

To protect glass surfaces and make sure colours remain unaltered over time, we at Valcucine adopt water-based lacquering cycles that reduce the presence of synthetic solvents and completely do away with aromatic ones, which are thought to be very carcinogenic.

Practical, easy-to-clean and long-lasting

In addition to having remarkable aesthetic features, glass guarantees excellent stain and limescale resistance. It can’t swell or burn. It’s hygienic, cannot become a breeding ground for mould or bacteria and is easy to clean. Very few materials, like glass, remain untouched by the ravages of time.


Our glass is available in a wide range of colours and three finishes: gloss, matt and with etched areas. Moreover, special processing techniques devised exclusively by us at Valcucine give glass sensations that are forever new and different: Graphic features designs inspired by nature, Mimesis, imitate stone, Tactile capable of transmitting evocative sensorial experiences Textile, a vibrant weave, Velato for a translucent effect and Arte like hand-woven fabric that can be customised using a design provided by the customer to make each kitchen unique. The endless array of finishes available for our glass ensures that you always find the ideal style to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Colours that last forever

Glass allows you to transmit chromatic depths and intensities that cannot be achieved by other materials. To give glass precisely the shade of colour desired, we at Valcucine have performed years of research aimed at guaranteeing uniform, long-lasting colours. Sophisticated studies and excellent technical skills have lead to the development of the first lacquer which is capable of preserving the shade of colour applied to glass over time and ensures excellent adherence.

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