Technical performance

Composite is a man-made stone made up of a mixture of aggregate particles and a certain percentage of structural
resin that bonds it all together.

This composition makes it extremely resistant to scratches and wear.

Since it is a smooth, non-porous material it doesn’t absorb most commonly-used liquids which means it is resistant
to stains. This also means it is hygienic and very easy to clean.

Precautions must be taken with heat because it doesn’t tolerate high temperatures well: we therefore suggest you
always use a pot mat when you place cookware on the worktop.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the surface is similar to natural stone.

Thanks to these characteristics, Composite can offer the best combination of practicality and style, pooling together
beauty, functionality and safety. Moreover, due to its low impact on the environment, it is a responsible alternative to
quarried stone.

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