Hob Maintenance


What you should do
Everyday care is done with water and common cleaning products. Rinse the cooking top well and dry it with a soft cloth.
Possible grease stains can be removed with products containing alcohol or ammonia or with products specific for the cleaning of cooking tops.
Clean the hotplates with a cloth soaked in a non-aggressive detergent and then dry.

What you should NOT do
Do not use abrasive powders or products because they would scratch the surfaces. Do not use metal wool or sponges, steel brushes or knives.

WARNING: do not store open bottles containing chemicals (muriatic acid, products to clear blocked drains) near steel parts, because their vapours could corrode stainless steel.
Avoid any contact between steel-specific products and laminate worktops to prevent damage to the latter.

WARNING: pans should never project out of the cooking top to avoid overheating and not to damage the finish.
As regards the ideal dimensions of the pans, refer to the instructions provided in the information accompanying the appliance.