Genius Loci in Tactile Elm and Tech Ceramica stone drawer:

Genius Loci in Tactile Elm and Tech Ceramica stone drawer

Slimmer, more resistant

Tech Ceramic is an exclusive project resulting from ongoing research and development on products. Valcucine has developed a special technique able to enhance the innate properties of ceramic, revolutionising its aesthetics and functionality. Ceramic is layered with glass - which has always been our favourite material - resulting in a surface with a minimal thickness paired with cutting-edge performances.
Tech Ceramic boasts numerous properties: it is heat, scratch, abrasion and stain resistant. It’s easy to clean, non-toxic and hygienic.
Thanks to special workmanship that makes it possible to coat the edge of the slab, there are no interruptions between the surface and the edge allowing the solid effect of this material to be fully enjoyed.
Tech Ceramic is a new, expressive opportunity available in four textures that deliver contemporary and very appealing results.