Equipped back sections

In the design of wall kitchens, the rear part of the countertop is typically not adequately utilized. Valcucine was the first to revolutionize kitchen ergonomics by increasing the depth of the countertop from the traditional 60/65cm to 80cm with the introduction of the Steel back section and the Logica Theca.

The 80cm depth offers the possibility to work in a more open space, away from corners and wall cabinets, eliminating the feeling of constraint, providing greater freedom of movement, and improving the view of the countertop, which is used across its entire surface.

This space, even in island designs, is further enriched by the inclusion of practical and functional containers that seamlessly integrate with the countertop and can accommodate small appliances, scales, cutting board sets, rolling pins and knife racks, electrical outlets, various kitchen utensils, and shelves for objects: visible on the Steel back section or concealed within the Logica Theca.