​Research into ergonomics

The ergonomic kitchen

Valcucine has always stood out for its focus on mankind and on the wellbeing of users by looking for ways to improve their day-to-day interactions with the kitchen. This is where the concept of ergonomics comes into play: Valcucine has developed numerous studies - well ahead of the times - analysing how traditional kitchens were used and studying the feedback of dealers and interior decorators.
That’s how important modifications were finetuned which then revolutionised the concept of space, making it possible to plan new kitchen utilisation experiences.

Heights and depths

Valcucine kitchens perfectly meet the requirements and needs of every person: heights and depths are planned to optimise visibility and simplify movements, from access to wall units to opening the doors.

Height of the worktop

Working in a standing position in front of a worktop that is too low or too high obliges users to get into an unnatural position that, in the long run, can lead to serious health problems. Valcucine offers various worktop heights depending on the height of the person. This height must be decided on the outset because it determines the position of the power sockets, of wall units and of the cooker hood’s fumes outlet.

Depth of the worktop and height of the wall unit.

A traditional wall unit is usually installed at a height that prevents users from having a complete view of the objects located on the top shelf, making it difficult to use, especially for short people.

The 65 and 80-cm depths allow users to stand further away from the wall units which can now be lowered, making them more visible and accessible and increasing the space in front of them.

With the traditional 60-cm depth, even if the splashback is higher, the wall unit gives users a claustrophobic feeling and blocks the view of the worktop during food preparation.

The 65 and 80-cm depths give users more space to work in, standing at a safe distance from sharp edges and wall units. That cooped up feeling is now cancelled, giving users more freedom of movement while improving the view of the worktop that can now be used to the full.

The evolution of ergonomics in the kitchen

As well as working on the right position of wall units in relation to the height and depth of the worktop, our research aimed at improving the wellbeing of users through ergonomics has lead to the development of our Special Elements which are designed to favour the ultimate in freedom of movement in the kitchen as well as new experiences of use. Valcucine’s guiding principle: “Having everything within reach and tidy in no time” translates into a functional space that adapts to the requirements of continuously evolving users.

Logica Theca has introduced a revolution in kitchens ergonomics by extending the depth of the kitchen from 65 to 80 cm. It consists in an equipped back section that is perfectly integrated with the worktop and whose content is fully visible and immediately accessible, including the chief work tools. By increasing the overall depth of the kitchen to 96 cm it is also possible to create an accessorised wall arrangement that stands on the worktop, behind which the equipped back section stands, and reaches maximum wall unit height.

Thanks to our New Logica system, each function has a place of its own and all the space available in the kitchen is fully exploited. 96 cm deep arrangements make room for an additional development: the wall unit can now stand on the worktop. Thus Air Logica is born, pairing easy access to the accessorised area with the ultimate storage capacity of the base units.