Tech Ceramic:

Tech Ceramic

Slimmer, more resistant

Tech Ceramic is an exclusive project resulting from ongoing research and development on products.
Valcucine has developed a special technique able to enhance the innate properties of ceramic (porcelain), revolutionising its aesthetics and functionality.

Ceramic (Porcelain) is layered with glass - both in the 5mm Artematica doors and in the 10mm worktops - resulting in surfaces with a minimal thickness paired with cutting-edge performances.

Cross-section of the worktop

Tech Ceramic boasts numerous properties: it is heat, scratch, abrasion and stain resistant. It’s easy to clean, non-toxic and hygienic.

Thanks to special workmanship that makes it possible to coat the edge of the slab, there are no interruptions between the surface and the edge allowing the solid effect of this material to be fully enjoyed.

Tech Ceramic is a new, expressive opportunity available in four textures that deliver contemporary and very appealing results.
All finishes in the catalogue by Laminam are available in 3 and 5 mm thicknesses.

Available for


Artematica Soft Outline
Genius Loci

Artematica Soft Outline
Genius Loci
Forma Mentis

CRPI | Laminam codes corresponding 
Stone | Pietra di Savoia-Perla
CRCE | Laminam codes corresponding
Cement | Pietra di Savoia-Grigia
CRCO | Laminam codes corresponding
Corten | Ossido-Bruno
CRFB | Laminam codes corresponding
Burnished Iron | Ossido-Nero
Finish catalogue Laminam
Important: the images are purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic features of the actual finishes. 
*Attention: check exceptions in the document Matching collection-finishes at this link.


Impact resistance

The special glass layering technique gives the dematerialized 10mm top surface in Tech Ceramic superior impact resistance.

We tested the impact resistance of Valcucine's Tech Ceramic by dropping a 0.5 kg ball from various heights and found that this solution is up to 4 times more resistant than other ceramic (porcelain) surfaces on the market.


​Stain Resistance

We tested the Tech Ceramic surface with a wide range of substances, from the most acidic, such as limescale, hydrochloric acid, or lemon juice, to the most basic, like ammonia or sodium hypochlorite.

After 20 hours of testing, it was revealed that by cleaning the surface with a detergent and a soft cloth, no stains or visible changes emerged, demonstrating the maximum stain resistance of the ceramic (porcelain) surface.


​Scratch Resistance

Frequently, you hear about "scratch-resistant" surfaces, but in reality, no surface is entirely scratch-resistant. In fact, all of them can be scratched by a material that is harder or equally hard.

From our analysis, Tech Ceramic have proven to be the most scratch-resistant surface among those available in the market.