Architectural integration

Technical solutions, finishes, and devices to integrate kitchens into architectural projects

The architectural project and its integration with architecture have become indispensable in the design process of high-end kitchens, and this awareness guides our product development activities.
Valcucine has developed various solutions to integrate kitchens and Special Elements into the architect's and interior designer's project.
The special element New Logica has been enriched with the possibility of vertical development. 
The introduction of a special balancing mechanism concealing panel allows the design of additional storage throughout the height of the wall and the possibility to integrate and align the kitchen with the columns.

New Logica design by Gabriele Centazzo with hidden balance

The solution is also available above the balancing mechanism of New Logica, the Aerius Wall Unit, the Latus Wall Unit, and can be made in the finishes of Artematica doors (excluding Vitrum Velato and marbles, granites, and sandstones, which are not available for the counterweight door due to weight requirements), providing visual continuity to every project with special elements.
In addition to glass, Valcucine's signature material, and precious metals, the use of finishes such as MDi, Laminam, and Fenix, usually employed in architectural surfaces, even in the sliding and tilting doors of special elements, aims to facilitate design and integration with architecture in a 360° design approach.

Genius Loci with special element Air Logica in MDi finish and integrated boiserie

The Vela Wall Unit with Fenix door allows creating a large uniform surface with the adjacent walls, without interruption.
The wall unit thus becomes a piece of furniture perfectly integrated into the architecture of the domestic environment.

Vela Wall Unit design by Gabriele Centazzo
The Cielo Wall Unit, designed with aluminum shelving, was instead designed to enhance the wall covering.
The wall unit is modular according to one's needs: perfect for housing the most precious and everyday objects, it can also accommodate the hood, which is perfectly integrated into the structure.
It is thus possible to create dynamic design solutions that play with the alternation of open elements and closed compartments, always maintaining a great lightness aesthetic effect.

Cielo Wall Unit with aluminum shelving design by Gabriele Centazzo

The pursuit of kitchen integration into the architecture of space is also reflected in the creation of a new door, aligned and continuous with the finish of the doors,
creating a harmonious look and surprising openings to other areas of the house.

Integrated door