The new elements in the Valcucine showcase are modular and can be positioned independently. These components offer the flexibility to create lighter compositions, adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen through the integration of integrated LED lighting systems.

The wall units, base units, and columns can easily be transformed into practical and versatile display cabinets, available in various sizes and for various applications.

Among the options for glass-framed doors, three solutions are available:
Faber Door, Vetrina Door, and Velata Door (the classic Vitrum fumè Artematica door). They differ both aesthetically and in terms of usage possibilities.

Faber door

Chassis Finish
Black Flamed Walnut
Glass FinishIOBR
Cut Matt Vitrum Velato Bronze

 Vetrina Door

Chassis Finish
​Aluminium Painted Black
Glass FinishVFFM
Vitrum Velato Smoky Grey

​​Velata Door

Glass FinishVFFM
Vitrum Velato Smoky Grey


Faber Door

​Door with a solid Flamed Walnut Canaletto wood frame and semi-transparent glass, with a flush thickness in a satin bronze finish, applied without the use of adhesives. Available with hinged doors in various heights and dimensions.


Vetrina Door

Door with a slim black-painted aluminum frame in Vitrum Velato Lucido Fumè. Special hinges fixed inside the cabinet slow down the door's closing and are invisible when the door is closed. It is available in all standard wall unit and column sizes with a hinged door.


Velata Door

The classic Artematica Vitrum door, in the Velato Fumè or Tattile Velato glass version with Butterfly Wing or Sea Breeze texture. It is available on all Valcucine bases, doors, and columns and can always be designed to be flush with all Valcucine collections.