​Door technology

Valcucine was the first company in the world to present a totally new door project, a perfect synthesis of aesthetic taste, formal simplicity and technical intelligence.

The door, "Made in Italy" is composed of an anodised aluminium structural frame and of a decorative panel available in various materials, featuring a thickness ranging between 5 and 6 mm (Artematica) and 2 mm (Riciclantica).

Thanks to in-depth studies and special workmanship, the frame cannot be seen from the outside, resulting in the decorative panel appearing as a pure, seamless volume. This solution achieves very streamlined results without foregoing functionality.

The way the door is constructed guarantees light and soft closing movements, high resistance to moisture and extraordinary lightness which makes the hinges last longer.

The aluminium profiles are provided with special silicone rubber gaskets that serve as a door stop, a dust seal and a drip guard. Silicone rubber is a non-toxic, anallergic material with very low harmful emissions that is widely used in the food and medicine sector. Silicone materials feature excellent heat stability and high resistance to UV
and atmospheric aging.

This type of door respects the principles of dematerialisation and eco-sustainability, two constants in Valcucine’s design philosophy. In fact, while remaining exceptionally resistant, its structure has been broken down to the essentials and, due to the fact that it is made of aluminium, its frame is 100% recyclable.

 The door - which has been patented all over the world - combines sturdiness with lightness and paves the way to aesthetic solutions that can adapt to changing trends.