Invitrum base units

Circular kitchen cabinets design

With its Invitrum base units, Valcucine produced the first kitchen cabinet in the world made entirely out of aluminium and glass and respecting the main rules of eco-sustainable and circular design: dematerialisation, recyclability, reduction of toxic emissions and long life, without creating any waste at the end of its life cycle.

Dematerialisation: a single, glass side panel

The Invitrum base system, patented since 2009, is designed in line with the principle of using less raw materials and energy. A single, glass side panel that is just 10 mm thick replaces the usual, two side panels resulting from modules fitted side-by-side which take up much more space. This makes it possible to use 73% less raw materials.

Recyclability: 100% glass and aluminium

The use of glass and secondary aluminium makes this kitchen fully recyclable. Using secondary aluminium also means that only one-twentieth of the energy required to produce primary aluminium is consumed.

No toxic emissions

Using only aluminium and glass, which are inert materials - paired with the special design that employs purely mechanical joints instead of adhesives - guarantees total absence of toxic emissions.

Long life: designed to be dismantled

For as much as regards disposal, Valcucine knows that products can become a potential source of raw materials if they are designed to be easily dismantled. Invitrum is specifically designed for trouble-free disassembly at the end of its life cycle: the system is made of single materials that are joined together by purely mechanical joints.

Design by Gabriele Centazzo