Natural Stone:

Natural Stone

The charm of the material and the exclusivity of a unique door

Natural stone has always exerted a great fascination thanks to the aesthetic impact and beauty of the material itself. 

Natural stone boasts inimitable aesthetic features due to the intense expressivity of its texture, full of slight differences
in shade which make every slab unique and unrepeatable to the extent that even two samples of the same slab are
sometimes not the same. Any inclusions and differences in vein, colour and symmetry are totally unpredictable and
must be considered as intrinsic features of the material and expressions of its uniqueness i.e. unequivocal proof
that the material actually is natural stone.

Thanks to Valcucine's special door technology composed of an anodised aluminium structural frame, a sheet of carbon fabric for reinforcement
and by an aesthetic panel of only 5 mm, we are able to offer natural stone doors that do not damage
the hinges of base units, wall units,columns and dishwasher due to their weight.


​Continuity of veining

For all surfaces of natural stone kitchens, an acceptance check is carried out to ensure integrity and, for all adjacent faces, vein continuity where possible.
This check is repeated at the end of all processing stages to ensure full conformity of the product shipped


Care in the handling of materials

All the materials in Valcucine, including the natural stone doors, from the moment they are received to the moment they are packed, are handled with the utmost care and with special surfaces that preserve their integrity and aesthetic qualities.


​Packaging and shipping

To ensure integrity during each stage of handling and shipping. 
All natural stone tops and doors are packed with special protective cages made of wood or chipboard, depending on the destination.
The doors are additionally protected with perimeter protection and wrapped in bubble wrap.