Riciclantica Outline silk-effect Leaden Grey laminate:

Riciclantica Outline silk-effect Leaden Grey laminate

The beauty of a protected edge

Sophisticated Valcucine technology, the lightness of Riciclantica and a new functional research give birth to Riciclantica Outline.
In this proposal, the composione is presented with base, top and tall units in Lead Grey Silk Laminate; equipped sopratop backsplash in Visuto Stainless Steel.

A taut, linear profile runs along the edges of the kitchen, becoming the distinctive element of the composition. Formal perfection is combined with practicality of use: the protected edge reinforces the material and increases its strength.
The opening with grooves, which characterizes Riciclantica, cuts the surface of the bases highlighting the search for maximum dematerialization and making perceive the thinness of the lightest door in the world with only 2 mm thick.

In line with the design philosophy of Riciclantica, Valcucine offers the new shelving system that defines and articulates space without closing it. Used to separate rooms while still leaving the view open, the system is designed to achieve maximum design flexibility.