The concealed frame gives glass an unprecedented sense of lightness.

“One of the most stimulating challenges I was faced with was to make glass - such a solid, heavy material - look aesthetically light, to the extent of giving it the ephereal appearance of a body in flight" explains Gabrielle Centazzo, Valcucine's designer. 
To succeed in our purpose we revolutionised the actual concept of the door by  inventing a dematerialised one with a structure scaled down to the bare essentials  in which the pure “vitreous mass” is supported by an aluminium frame invisible from the outside. 

Since the glass panel is taller than the structure of the frame, we managed to create an invisible, ergonomic edging at the top of the door to open it.
The glass looks as if it is floating in mid-air, conveying an amazing feeling of lightness and elegant, functional kitchens.