Artematica Vitrum with New Logica and hidden balance:

Artematica Vitrum with New Logica and hidden balance

The back panel with magical doors integrated into the architecture

Valcucine has always distinguished itself for its focus on human well-being through the pursuit of solutions that enhance daily interaction with the kitchen, creating new user experiences through distinctive special elements.
Among the most innovative and recognizable special elements designed by Gabriele Centazzo, the equipped back panel of New Logica stands out, characterized by upper tilting doors and lower sliding doors that open and close smoothly to reveal its full functionality.

Inserted in this Artematica Glossy Vitrum Maquis Shrubland, New Logica has been restyled, identifying three distinct areas - cooking, washing, and preparation - and re-equipped with the addition of new wooden accessories designed by Gabriele Centazzo.
Recognizing that architectural integration has become essential in high-end kitchen projects, the special element of New Logica is further enriched by the possibility of vertical development.

The introduction of a new cover panel for the distinctive balance beam allows for the design of additional wall units above the special element or to achieve full verticality of the kitchen space up to the ceiling.
The pursuit of kitchen integration within the architecture is also reflected in the creation of a new door, aligned and in continuity with the finish of the doors, creating a harmonious look and surprising openings to other areas of the house.


​Preparation area

The preparation area offers convenience and organization with accessories such as bottle and glass holders, a wooden utensil box, a utensil holder bar, and a suspended shelf.
The electrified bar provides outlets for appliances, while the tablet holder facilitates recipe consultation.
​Accessories like the film holder and the hook make tools easily accessible. Rotating containers and wooden spice racks add versatility.


​Cooking area

The cooking area is designed to maximize practicality and efficiency during kitchen use.
Thanks to the utensil holder bar and the suspended shelf, utensils are always within reach, while the hook and pot holder facilitate immediate access to necessary tools.
Rotating containers and spice racks, along with the wooden utensil holder, offer smart solutions for organizing and keeping kitchen accessories in order, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable experience.


​Washing area

The washing area is an environment where practicality merges with aesthetics.
Equipped with accessories such as the utensil holder bar and the suspended shelf, it provides smart solutions to keep the workspace tidy.
The hook and the pot holder ensure quick access to essential utensils during cleaning.
Additionally, the integrated paper roll holder ensures that the paper is always within reach for quick and convenient use.