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The design of a kitchen arises from the interaction of various creative phases: that of the designer, that of the planner, and that of the customer. Valcucine has sought to solve the problem of “closed systems” and provide architects and interior designers with the opportunity to work across different kitchen collections, with great freedom and intelligently satisfy the diverse needs of clients with creativity and respect.

“I love nature, which is the master of diversity and is the primary source of inspiration for me. Thus, it is possible, through the harmony of diversity, to blend different features such as preciousness and essentiality, craftsmanship and high-tech, local and international.”
Gabriele Centazzo

This gives rise to a comprehensive design system where it is possible to combine different collections and aesthetics within the same project, different materials, opening and closing systems, minimal or bulky thicknesses, distinct ergonomic solutions and special elements.

With “Domus Anthology”, we wanted to compile a selection of instances of this design philosophy applied to exceptional projects. A collection of realizations in which architects and interior designers have best interpreted the values, characteristics, and design flexibility of Valcucine, while simultaneously meeting the client’s needs in harmony with the “spirit of the place”, which encompasses the sociocultural, architectural, and habits peculiarities that characterize a home, an environment, a city.