Lacquered Kitchens

Elegance and resistance

Lacquered doors expresses their innate elegance to the full in the kitchen by means of a vast range of colour options with matt or gloss finishes as well as some special “structured" finishes in metallic colours.
Lacquers are based on a special varnish that ensures excellent impact resistance and an unalterable, durable mirror finish. Matt lacquer is obtained by adding some microspheres to varnish that give the product a slight orange-peel effect, making it more resistant to scratches and abrasions.
The lacquered door of our Artematica and Genius Loci collections is very light because it is made of a panel that is just 6mm thick, paired with an aluminium structural frame. This door solves the problems caused by the heaviness of traditional lacquered doors which make hinges collapse over time as well as causing doors to become misaligned.