Kitchen wall unit height

Kitchen wall unit height

The traditional 60cm depth of the bases evolved towards higher and more ergonomic measures. At Valcucine we offer the 65cm depth and the 80cm depth system. By increasing the depth of the base units, the wall units can be lowered, thus resulting in a more ergonomic and functional position.

For the traditional depth of 60cm, the recommended height of the backrest is 54cm, a measure necessary to allow sufficient visibility on the worktop. The wall unit, however, causes a sense of closure and its position makes it difficult to see and grasp the content.

By increasing the depth of the base to 65cm, it is possible to lower the wall unit which is more easily visible and accessible. This results in a lesser sense of closure and better visibility on the work surface.

​The recommended height of the backrest is 48cm. The 80cm depth, which combines the 60cm base with a special 20 cm equipped channel, allows greater visibility on the worktop. In this case, the recommended distance of the wall units from the top is 42cm. The contents of the wall unit are thus completely visible and accessible even in the upper shelves.

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