Sliding Glass

Sliding Glass

Sliding glass panels that enclose the whole cooking area

It is a well-known fact that even the best hoods on the market are not capable of absorbing 100% odours. Valcucine has designed an "ideal anti-odour system" that uses sliding glass panels to completely isolate the cooking area and to stop the odours from escaping.
This system even allows you to use a hotplate barbecue in your kitchen.
Onfalos is an exclusive furnishing object constructed entirely from stainless steel and featuring a set of original design solutions that have transformed even structural components, that are not usually aesthetically pleasing, into decorative elements.
Onfalos can be fitted near a wall-hung extractor hood even capable of capturing the fumes and odours coming from an oven installed facing it.

A sliding glass panel that encloses a niche fitted with household appliances

If the space available is large enough, it is possible to fit some of the kitchen elements in a purpose-made niche enclosed by sliding glass doors.
If the fridge is installed in the niche, it will be necessary to make some openings at the top of the panel above the glass doors, to allow the hot air generated by refrigeration to escape. The aeration holes must have a total minimum surface of 400cm.
To avoid interfering with the efficiency and durability of the refrigerator and for greater energy-saving, it should be installed at a certain distance from heat sources such as radiators, ovens and hobs.

La vetrata scorrevole che separa il soggiorno dalla cucina

The most important revolution in domestic space at the end of the 20th century was undoubtedly the "open space" concept. An undivided space perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles, multi-faceted and unpredictable that puts flexibility of enrivonments and of furnishings to the fore.
It is a well-known fact that open spaces give an airier appeal to home environments but the dispersion of odours from the kitchen to the living room remains a problem to solve. Valcucine has designed a "Home system" that allows you to organise the day area in various ways: if necessary, it can be partially divided while still maintaining that visual open-space appeal.

The Valcucine "Home system" includes:
- modular partitions that separate the kitchen from the living room and that can be transparent (sliding or fixed panels) or full (wall panels);
- sliding glass panels to enclose the cooking area;
- cupboard units with sliding glass doors that can accommodate both the kitchen units and the household appliances.

The use of sliding transparent glass panels is an innovative idea for the architectural planning of small apartment flats but also of important villas. Nowadays, formal rooms such as the living room and the kitchen have been replaced by large multi-functional rooms in which it is possible to interact with the family and friends, eat and cook, relax or spend your spare time in various activities. The need to create partial spaces that at the same time preserve an open, luminous appearance is satisfied by using large floor-to-ceiling glass panels that slide in runners fixed to the ceiling. They can be completely transparent or personalised with various decors (that can also be created by the customer) and are purposely produced by Valcucine.

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