Invitrum kitchen :

Invitrum kitchen


Lengthy research into materials and their limits of resistance has allowed us to revolutionise the kitchen sector with Invitrum, the first base unit system made entirely of glass except for an aluminium frame. Health, resistance and eco-sustainability are the main values ​​of this kitchen system.



  • Respect for people and the environment is the ethical priority that underlies all Valcucine’s projects.
  • The Invitrum kitchen is realized in a way to guarantee the respects the main rules of ecosustainable design: dematerialisation, recyclability, reduction of toxic emissions and durability.

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  • Innovation is focused on reducing volumes to challenge kitchen conventions.
  • ​To avoid pairing two side panels which, together, would deprive the cabinet of quite a lot of space, in Valcucine we develop particularly wide cabinets and use a single structural side panel in glass that is only 10-mm thick.
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  • The use of glass and secondary aluminium guarantees the total recyclability of this kitchen.
  • The Invitrum base units’ system has also been designed following the principle of using less raw materials and energy.
  • ​The single 10mm thick glass side panel eliminates the use of two, normal, 36mm thick chipboard sides and achieves a saving of 73% on raw materials.
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