We transform cooking into an extraordinary experience through the constant innovation of forms and materials.   

A deep knowledge of the people’s requirements, ongoing research and creativity: these are the tools we use to improve our designs and move towards the creation of an ever better kitchen. This attitude allows us to transform spaces and the way they are used by adopting unique functionalities, innovative materials and multi-functional elements designed to make life easier. Using the most stringent tests we develop today’s ideas so that they can become tomorrow’s solutions.


Our kitchens use materials designed to ensure wellbeing, beauty and durability. Valcucine has demonstrated that elegance (glass doors and table tops) need not forego resilience. Our glass-and-aluminium kitchen was a world first and pairs extremely sophisticated taste with total recyclability


Our extensive experience and continuous research into improving people’s daily interactions with their kitchen has led us to develop our innovative ‘Special Elements’ range that can be combined with any of our collections. From the ergonomics of the Equipped Back Section to the lightness of the Aerius wall unit and the magical doors of the New Logica System and Air Logica System back panels, functionality is combined with countless customisation possibilities. Because every kitchen should be as different as its owner


Since we believe that man’s wellbeing can only be achieved if he is in harmony with his environment we have designed our kitchen spaces and elements to reduce the quantity of materials used and make certain sections slimmer.
To this we have added our philosophy, which has always been about saving energy, using pure and eco-compatible materials, reducing consumption and reducing or even eliminating harmful emissions and other elements that have a negative impact on our planet.
For us, to dematerialise and to recycle means to innovate and renovate; reducing surplus to achieve wellness