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The new premium modern Italian kitchens showroom in New York

Welcome to Valcucine New York | DOM Interiors the showroom of modern, luxury and Italian design kitchens in New York.
Our showroom is located in the very heart of SoHo, one of New York's most famous and well-known neighbourhoods.
Our showroom Valcucine New York | DOM Interiors, located in the SoHo district, far from the glittering lights of downtown, expresses perhaps the most authentic and unique soul of New Yorkers.
SoHo district in Lower Manhattan, since the 1970s it has been an upscale neighbourhood home to many art galleries, upscale shops, trendy clubs and luxury shops.
Our showroom perfectly complements this atmosphere, providing an ideal setting to explore our range of luxurious kitchen solutions.
At Valcucine New York | DOM Interiors, we understand that a kitchen represents the heart of a home, not only as a space for preparing and cooking meals, but also as a place for everyday life. We offer tailored solutions designed to adapt to all spaces, recognizing that every house and habit is different.
Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality attention to all your needs, listening and guiding you on a journey of transforming your home. With our professional design advice, you can make the most of your kitchen floor space and create the perfect ambiance for your lifestyle.
With an extensive product selection and unparalleled design expertise, we offer the best kitchen solutions in New York.
​Discover the world of Valcucine luxury, modern, and fitted design kitchens at our showroom today.

Valcucine New York | DOM Interiors
The new premium modern Italian kitchens showroom in New York

66 Crosby Street
New York NY

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday: 10AM - 6PM
Sunday: 12AM - 6PM

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At Valcucine New York | DOM Interiors a trained team of professionals, architects and interior designers are waiting to suggest the ideal inspiration for your home, or to advise and accompany you in designing your kitchen.