Accessorised splashback

Space is always at a premium in the kitchen to the extent that no matter how many surfaces there are, they never seem to be enough.

From this viewpoint, even the vertical space between the top and the wall units becomes strategic and can be put to optimal use thanks to an accessorised splashback, i.e. a panel designed to collect together a set of hanging accessories to make everyday utensils perfectly visible and accessible.

Shelves, trays, multipurpose hooks and other accessories can be attached to the top edge of the splashback in any position thanks to the gap that separates it from the wall. As well as being very practical, this solution conveys a feeling of refined lightness.

An integrated lighting system also gives the whole splashback a visually lighter appeal: a grazing rear light visually expands the space and adds depth.

Rear-lit splashback

The splashback is a wall cladding available in various finishes that stands on the top and is fixed to the wall to protect it from stains and splashes caused by the food preparation process.

As well as a practical function, the splashback also has a decorative one, contributing to the aesthetic result of the kitchen. Depending on the effect the customer wants to create and on one’s own personal taste, it can be chosen in a finish similar to the top or contrasting with it for a bolder result.

The possibility of using Vitrum Arte further extends the aesthetic potential of the kitchen, offering users the opportunity to customise the room in a very original way.


The accessorised splashback is designed to accommodate a set of hanging accessories which can be easily moved to the desired work area thanks to the sliding system.
Equipping this area - that can even house a tap - clears more space on the worktop as well as in drawers and jumbo drawers.
In addition to practicality of use, special attention to aesthetics and care to detail have contributed to the design of these accessories.