Bioforest is an association for the regeneration of natural environments that was founded in 1998 in Valcucine from the desire to promote a production culture that is more sensitive to the environment. 
To this end, it proposes to finance projects aimed at the reforestation and reforestation of destroyed or degraded forest ecosystems in Italy and around the world, following strict ecological criteria in harmony with the characteristics of the areas concerned, in order to protect the plant and animal biodiversity originally present. Furthermore, it promotes and supports scientific research activities by disseminating them through information media, meetings, debates, and conferences aimed at bringing visibility to active projects.


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Otonga project

The Otonga Project in Ecuador aims to purchase portions of primary forest to save its extraordinary biodiversity and protect the planet's biological richness.

The Otonga Integral Reserve, located on the western slopes of the Andes mountain range, is home to a number of animal and plant species that have disappeared in the rest of the country and are sometimes still unknown to science.

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Got Owaga Project

The reforestation project in Kenya, Got Owaga, affects a hilly area in the Nyando Valley about 50 km from Lake Victoria. The area is located in the belt dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane, the spread of which has been the primary cause of deforestation.

he Operation Got Owaga project was developed, in its first phase, on a three-hectare plot with the setting up of an experimental plantation to identify the most suitable species to be planted and the necessary treatments to be implemented.

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​Vinchiaruzzo Resurgence Project

In Italy, the Vinchiaruzzo reforestation project in Friuli Venezia Giulia originates from the dialect term 'Vinciars', meaning willow forests.

The project involves the acquisition of land to regenerate the forest, preserving patches of valuable wet grassland where present, and to provide a habitat for numerous rare species of flora and fauna. A natural heritage at risk of extinction due to indiscriminate agricultural exploitation.

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