Solid Wood

Natural beauty

Obtained from the core of a tree trunk, natural wood can come from various species depending on the plant it
derives from.

When processed, solid wood does not undergo structural modifications, resulting in it preserving all the typical
features of living, natural wood. This includes small cracks or fissures, knots and changes in colour, all of which are
distinctive features of this type of wood and guarantee its total authenticity.

The result is extremely compelling: the wood grain is displayed in all its beauty and transmits the ancestral, tactile
sensations typical of an age-old material that is still alive in our biological memory.

This material’s beauty also lies in the pleasant feeling of warmth it transmits and which immediately creates an
atmosphere, making any room more inviting and cosy.

Our proposals for your solid wood kitchen

Available for kitchen breakfast bar
Antique Oak
Important: the images are purely indicative and may not fully reflect the aesthetic features of the actual finishes.