Multi-unit kitchen projects

What does multi-unit kitchen projects mean for Valcucine?

For Valcucine “Multi-unit kitchen projects” refers to supplies to the high-end residential building market. 

In the furniture industry, especially in the American market, there's a lot of talk about multi unit kitchen projects, multi-unit residential developments, residential development contracts, but not all contract supplies are created equal: their definition and their approach can differ depending on the type of product, the service offered and who produces, designs and sells it.
In the first place, “multi-unit kitchen projects” belong to the world of contract project that is connected to a much more complex and larger concept.
A contract project usually means a turnkey project in which all, or part of, the furniture has been tailored to the needs of the interior design project as specified by the architecture or interior design studio.
Thanks to the industrialization capacity of its design, to product technology, to the vast range and modularity of its products, to the company's flexibility and to its network of local partners, Valcucine is capable of offering a contract service dedicated to the high-end residential building market.
A Valcucine multi-unit kitchen project can consider taking on requests for bespoke furniture entailing flexible production. Special finishes and the development of dedicated products can satisfy the different aesthetic and functional requirements specified by the interior design project. Over the years we have furnished penthouses and luxury apartments within residential contract projects.
To fulfil multi-unit kitchen projects, our company must interact with architecture or interior design studios, real estate project developers, land owners and general or interior contractors.
The architecture or interior design studio is involved in the initial definition of the order specifications. The architecture studio usually focuses on structures and architecture, while the interior design studio concentrates on furniture and finishes.
The general contractor is at the helm of the organization and can be flanked by the procurement company and the cost controller.

Manufacturers and sub-contractors - that supply the kitchen for the sample apartment - are at the end of the line.

To fulfil multi-unit kitchen projects Valcucine itself offers the following services:

- kitchen planning advice
- support during the project creation phase
- creation of moodboards and colour concepts
- product customization
- creation of photorealistic renders
- supply of information, manuals and descriptive data sheets
- commissioning
- identification of local partners 
In fulfilling multi-unit kitchen projects Valcucine collaborates with certified local partners specialized in interior design and in kitchens.

Our local partners offer the following services:

- site inspection
- taking measurements
- feasibility study
- planning support
- assembly
- testing
- maintenance  
Together with specific services dedicated to multi-unit kitchen projects managed by architecture and interior design studios, Valcucine guarantees:

Production capacity 

Valcucine can produce kitchens in considerable quantities while constantly maintaining high quality standards.

LEED credits  

The recent LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C rating guarantees that we supply kitchens with up to 11 LEED credits in the following categories:


Enter the Valcucine LEED matrix of contribution page

Utmost planning flexibility

Planners can specify different finishes for the same multi-unit development

Special products and kitchen finishes

Doors, worktops and kitchen elements with special finishes are available. 

Contract order management

Valcucine can coordinate the production and delivery of its kitchens by getting organized with local partners for the delivery and assembly phases.

A fully-assembled product

Valcucine's furniture arrives fully assembled; the entire piece of furniture, including its handles and interior accessories, is assembled in our factory. This makes on-site installation easier and reduces the risk of errors. 

The latest kitchen technologies 

Valcucine kitchens include automatically-closing drawers and doors, glass doors and shelves and hinge-less glass doors, doors made entirely of aluminium and base units designed to be dismantled at the end of their lifecycle.

Cutting-edge ergonomic kitchen systems 

Valcucine kitchens are designed to satisfy a multitude of functionality and ergonomic requirements. Various special elements guarantee an ergonomic solution to various planning needs. Heights and depths are planned around the requirements of the user, thus optimizing visibility and simplifying every movement, from access to wall units to grasping doors. Proportions and functionalities are designed to maximize simplicity and safety of use.

Safe kitchen materials 

The main goal of all our projects is the health and wellbeing of users. The only way we can achieve this is by fully respecting man and his environment. These are the guidelines we follow at work. An awareness that ensures toxic emissions are reduced to a minimum, dangerous or harmful compounds like formaldehyde are eliminated, coatings are water-based and radioactive substances kept under control.

Reducing impact on the environment  

Improving the wellbeing of mankind also means respecting the wealth and uniqueness of our planet. These two aspects are strictly linked to each other which is why our most important projects are also the most just, the fairest and the most upright ones, starting from our design which aims at reducing the total quantity of materials used and their impact on the environment. This is guaranteed by the ISO14001 and FSC® certificates and by compliance to Leed v4.1 requirements. With a view to sustainability, our Pordenone headquarters boast a photovoltaic system that guarantees the supply of 30% of our company’s energy consumption.  Moreover, as far back as 1998, we set up the Bioforest non-profit Association to foster a more aware and responsible production culture able to actively restore and protect natural resources.