Artematica Wood:

Artematica Wood

The art of pure volumes

We suggest a new lifestyle. Contemporary Man has an urgent need to recover his senses and find his ability of enjoying life again, with joy and to the full. This recovery includes a return to the naturalness of the home, to harmonic and ancestral sensations that only the warm contact with matter can evoke.
In recent years, the minimalist movement has imposed pure shapes in international design. However, this has reached such extreme results that the insides of our homes have taken on an artificial and cold appearance.
In the spirit of contemporary formal rigour, we have created the Noce Tattile kitchen that, by means of the texture of wood and the feel of its surfaces, inverts the cold dominating trend of interior design and walks a new path towards a warmer and more natural product. Our company’s awareness has always made it possible to anticipate trends and interpret the hidden needs of consumers