Health and Wellbeing:

Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing of the person are central objectives of all our projects.
Valcucine's history is full of examples, testimonials and records that show how much attention to health and wellbeing is part of the company's DNA.

Research into ergonomics, the sensation of freedom, healthiness and non-toxicity are translated into solutions and products that revolutionise the rules in the kitchen, contributing to people's wellbeing and making the world of Valcucine unique.
We imagine a kitchen that gives maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Functional, perfectly responding to the needs and requirements of those who live in it.
A sensorial and material space, but above all a healthy one, because it is free of elements that are toxic or harmful to man and the environment.

A dynamic place that adapts to the needs of the person, in its continuous evolution, easily usable, where one can dedicate oneself and one's loved ones every day, through the emotion of taste and flavours.


Ergonomics research

Valcucine has always distinguished itself for its attention to man and his wellbeing through research into solutions that improve daily interaction with the kitchen.

Good ergonomics makes it possible to optimise space allowing one to work comfortably, functionally and safely.

With a view to improving the ergonomics and usability of spaces, Valcucine has developed Ergolabio, a tool that allows you to interact with the various elements of the kitchen to help you choose the most suitable one.

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Feeling of freedom

Wellbeing and the feeling of freedom are closely related. Thanks to Valcucine's solutions, the kitchen reveals new perspectives by widening the perception of depth and pervading each project with the airiness typical of open spaces.

Research on light for wellness in the kitchen reaches its maximum expression with the V-Light system, with which it is possible to change the luminous background of the back panel, choosing the light that best suits one's needs, depending on one's mood, on the natural light one has available and on the atmosphere one wishes to create at that moment.

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​Healthiness and non-toxicity

To guarantee the health and wellbeing of people in the kitchen, it is fundamental to ensure the maximum reduction of toxic emissions.

Valcucine uses water-based varnishes that emit fewer volatile organic compounds, protecting the environment and people's health.

 Valcucine's chipboard units have low formaldehyde emissions and respect the limits of Italian regulations and those of the strictest world standards.