Accountable consumption and production

Every day at Valcucine, innovation is driven by respect for the environment and for man.
Our history shows how attention to sustainability has been an integral part of the company identity since its foundation in 1980.
For over forty years, Valcucine has been designing and manufacturing products in compliance with the highest sustainability parameters: dematerialisation, recyclability, circular economy, long technical and aesthetic life.

Finding solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics is not enough.
Today, a new paradigm is needed. A model of sustainable development at all stages of the production process and design thinking. Intelligent design that makes a concrete contribution every day and re-establishes the right relationship between man and nature.
This results in products manufactured with lower consumption of raw materials and energy, easily decomposable and recyclable at the end of their life cycle.


Thanks to continuous research into materials and their limits of resistance, our construction technology allows us to reduce kitchen structures to the essentials, without compromising on quality.
The proposed solutions represent 'resistant lightness'.
and pave the way for the responsibility of the designer, whose work can contribute to re-establishing the right relationship between man and nature.


We design our structures with elements that can be easily disassembled and separated at the end of their
life cycle and we use aluminium for our frames, a material that is 100% recyclable and infinitely reusable to give life to new products each time while maintaining its characteristics.

Circular Economy

In asking what industry can do for the environment, we can find the answer in the shift from a linear economy, made up solely of consumption and waste, to a circular one.
Made up of production and consumption, but also of reuse and recycling.

Technical Durability

The durability and reliability of our materials are the result of continuous quality analyses and technical tests conducted to ensure the highest standards of light, heat, impact and stain resistance.

Corporate Sustainability

To change things, we can also start with the everyday, with the choices we make every day.
Among these, limiting plastic consumption is undoubtedly one of the most necessary. Italy, in fact, ranks second in the world for per capita consumption of bottled water with a good 224 litres per year (source: Censis 2018).

In order to discourage the consumption of drinks in disposable plastic containers, Valcucine has given all its employees a reusable aluminium water bottle as a present; a conscious choice that will contribute to reduce plastic consumption and waste in the company.