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To easily and effectively clean your surface, just lather it thoroughly with a neutral detergent then rinse and dry it immediately. Vinegar is an excellent daily cleaning aid because it removes all the limescale that may deposit on the surface. Over time, soap residues and the limescale contained in water may form unsightly stains on the surface of etched  (matt) glass tops which are not easy to remove. We therefore suggest you use a limescale remover and, if this should not be sufficient, we invite you to contact your authorised dealer for more information on how to use specific products.
To keep your surface in pristine condition it is advisable to use soft, non-abrasive sponges and cloths. After applying any product always rinse the surface and dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Although tempered glass is one of the hardest materials there is and is very resistant to scratches, it’s important to remember that it can be cut by materials as hard as, or harder than, itself which are - in everyday life - plates and any objects made of ceramic, crystal or glass. Do not use rough cloths and abrasive sponges that may irreparably scratch the surface. We advise against using no-rinse sprays because these detergents contain soap which, if not removed thoroughly, sticks to the surface creating an invisible film on which stains can easily form.