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For simple and effective surface cleaning just use neutral soap diluted in lukewarm water.
After having covered the surface with soap suds using a soft cloth, rinse accurately and then dry.

To preserve surfaces in good condition it is advisable to use only soft, non-abrasive cloths.

Never use aggressive or abrasive products containing alcohol, solvents or thinners because they may ruin the water-based varnish. Avoid nail varnish remover coming into contact with the surface.

Never use strong acids (e.g. bathroom cleaning products), particularly aggressive detergents or limescale removers.

Prevent ink (i.e. pens, felt-tip pens and indelible pens) from coming into contact with wood surfaces. If it does, remove it immediately with a soft cloth moistened with water and neutral soap.

Never use wax-based products (e.g. furniture polish) because they may form dull surface marks.