Stainless Steel Metal

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Stainless Steel is resistant to oxidation and is therefore inozidizable. In practical terms this means that it does not rust
when exposed to air and water.

Steel gives kitchens a strong identity, bringing to mind images of professional kitchens for which this metal is almost
exclusively used for its resistance to stains, durability and hygiene. Heat resistance is also an important property of
steel: in fact, hot containers can normally be placed on steel surfaces without creating any problem at all.

Although steel surfaces don’t break or crack even if heavy objects accidentally fall on them, it’s important to remember
that they can be dented, creating aesthetic damage.

It’s always a good idea to avoid the direct contact of sharp objects, blades or abrasive materials with stainless steel
surfaces. These objects can easily impair the beauty of these surfaces because they are not very scratch resistant.

Steel is prone to showing fingerprints which is why it must be cleaned frequently. It is also advisable to remove any
stains or water straight away.

Different types of steel can be achieved thanks to different processes and treatments.

For instance, the surface of Fingerprint-proof Stainless Steel is protected by transparent varnish that prevents
fingerprints from forming. This finish is only applied to doors because they are the most prone to fingerprints.

Pewter Stainless Steel recreates the aristocratic and ancient appeal of pewter, a material that acquires an
interesting patina as time goes by. The surface is subjected to two treatments: a light, scratching process to
enhance its slightly damaged and worn appearance and a special burnishing treatment that makes the metal
surface darker, achieving a warmer shade.

Aged Stainless Steel is subjected to a special process that creates a worn surface with a certain number of

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